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Once Upon A Time… travel enthusiasts with radically different profiles. For some, this is synonymous with engaging in physical challenges in nature; for others, it means visiting the lesser known places, way off the beaten trail. Or it’s booking a city trip on a whim, just because you feel like going shopping. And in certain cases, the travel is, above all else, a very personal inner journey.

A very eclectic bunch, in other words, but with one common factor: the desire to share their passion and to combine their talents, in order to present something very novel in the travel industry.

With Once Upon A Time, you will never perceive travel in the same way… We are not your run-of-the-mill travel agency, we see ourselves as travel designers, creators of unique, customised and innovative experiences. Each trip we offer is unconventional and can be fine-tuned to your wishes and personality type.

Our trips always break new ground and every single detail is thought through thoroughly so that you can enjoy your holiday to the full. We test every trip first ourselves, we’re always at your disposition, from when you leave home until you get back.

For most of our trips, Once Upon A Time offers at least 2 options: either you join one of our groups or you can go off on your own, or with family and/or friends. No matter which option you choose, we are always there to help out! Here’s an explanation:

The Wanderers: these are trips in small groups of maximum 20 people, occasionally organised on specific dates. We take care of everything: we welcome you at the airport and you don’t have to worry about anything until you head back! Every detail counts, every day has to be a memorable experience and our partners in every country are dedicated to making your stay magical.

As you wish: maybe you prefer traveling alone, with your significant other or with a select few close friends? That’s perfectly OK, and, once again, we do everything to make it easier for you. All you need to do is decide on the length of your trip, the number of participants in your group and the program, which we can fine-tune with you. You can leave with a joyous heart in the knowledge that all the details are taken care of for you.

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The team

We’re a bit overwhelmed with the launch of our website… We’re putting your needs first and we’ll introduce ourselves later…

The team

We’re a bit overwhelmed with the launch of our website… We’re putting your needs first and we’ll introduce ourselves later…

Eric Rozen

Travel Designer

Eric has been teaching yoga and Indian classical dance but he also worked in media, photography and even launched a vegan cheese. Passionate about travel since childhood, he is now launching this new adventure: Once Upon A Time!

Jeko Ivanov

Travel Designer

Jeko, who is passionate about sports and nature, is in charge of all our trips that involve physical fitness. When he’s not in the gym, Jeko can be found in the mountains, safely guiding you on exceptional hiking trips which can, incidentally, be tailored for all fitness levels.

Rossitza Veleva

Travel Planner

Rossi has been working in the travel industry for over 25 years and she’s the one who will seek out the best hotels, the most practical flights or your trip of a life-time, for that matter. You like our offers but you’d rather tweak a bit more to suit your exact wishes? Rossi is the person who’ll do just that!

Belinda Cordier

Fashion Specialist

Belinda has been working within the fashion industry for over 20 years. She is known and appreciated for her reliability, experience and talent as a stylist. Belinda is in charge of our Fashion Tours; she’ll lavish you with personalised advice and will take you to visit extraordinary hidden gems.

Asen Rashev

Hiking & Snow Expert

Asen was a trainer for the Bulgarian national snowboarding team and specialises in all snow sports. During the summer months he stays in the mountains where he opens up new hiking trails; he knows the Bulgarian mountains like his back pocket and will be thrilled to put together the the hiking expedition of your dreams.

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