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Troisième stage d'hiver organisé et nous voilà une fois de plus à Pamporovo. Nichée au sein des Rhodopes, cette chaîne montagneuse emblématique du sud-ouest de la Bulgarie, Pamporovo continue de se démarquer comme l'une des stations de ski de prédilection du pays.

So, this is the second time organising my winter workshops and we’re back in Pomporovo. Situated in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, a mountain massive in the southwest of Bulgaria, Pamporovo is one of the three main ski resorts in the country; I have to admit it is my favourite for a number of reasons. First being its location: it’s 250 km from Sofia, so quite a bit further than Borovets and Bansko which are only about 100 km

Finally back in Bulgaria! We arrived last night in Sofia and this year, there are 18 of us for this summer workshop that consists of yoga and hiking. Most of the participants came along last year, either for the summer or the winter session. For this summer 2022 edition we head off to a different mountain range: after having discovered the Rhodopes in 2021, we will be spending a week in Rila, one of the three major mountain ranges in

So, this was my first winter workshop in Pamporovo and I’ll immediately announce that it, most certainly, won’t be the last! Our mountain getaway was absolutely magical in many ways and I’m pretty sure that the participants won’t forget this week at the heart of the Rhodopes. Whether it’s the perfect snow coverage, the welcoming Bulgarians, the food, the ski resort itself or the hotel…

I absolutely love hiking in Vitosha (there’s an article about the mountain massif right here) but, sometimes, when it’s raining or in the middle of winter, Pancharevo is a great alternative: the trails are better safeguarded, the terrain is more manageable and there are trails for inexperienced hikers too.

The Seven Rila Lakes (in Bulgarian: Седемте рилски езера) are a cluster of lakes in the north-west of the Rila mountain range, a mere two hour drive from Sofia. I really had been wanting to discover the place and I was really happy to be escorted by Asen, Raina and Jeko. Asen and Jeko are in charge of the mountain trips and hiking excursions at Once Upon A Time and they wanted to take me to visit the Seven Rila

I organised my very first workshop, which took place in my heart country, Bulgaria, with 19 participants. We arrive in Sofia around 21:00 and what better way to start the journey than with an authentic Bulgarian meal? Most people in the group are students in my Stretching/Yoga classes and, as I am the only one who knows everybody, I ask everyone to introduce themselves… It seems like we are a very diverse group and I can already tell that this